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Commercial Drone (Part 107) Pilot Exam Class


This commercial drone class will prepare you for the FAA remote pilot (Part 107) certification test. As an FAA-certified drone pilot you will have the privilege to fly for business, commercial enterprise, non-profit, or educational purposes

Course Schedule

The commercial drone class will consist of 10 one hour long online sessions. Virtual classes will take place 7PM to 8PM ET on the following dates: 9/7, 9/11, 9/14. 9/18, 9/21 9/25, 9/28, 10/2, 10/5, 10/9 (optional), 10/12

Additional Details

The FAA remote pilot certification test is not included in the price of this class. Participants must be at least 15 years old. This course is intended for people who do not have a pilot certificate. The 290 page Gliem Remote Pilot FAA Knowledge Test Prep guide is included with registration. A link to join online sessions will be sent to registrants.


Students will learn about regulations, airport operations, maintenance and inspections, airspace, restrictions, drone loading and performance, effects of weather, aeronautical decision making, aeromedical factors. The course will consist of weekly quizzes, lectures, and discussions. Students will receive a study guide to review before each session. 

Recreational vs Commercial

Recreational drone pilots who fly purely for fun or personal enjoyment must pass The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST), not the Part 107 test. See the FAA TRUST page for more information


The cost for this class and the accompanying study guide is $75

Course Instructor Tomas Dundzilla


Tomas Dundzilla, PPL, AGI, sUAS (107)

Instructor Tomas Dundzilla earned his private pilot certificate after training with Columbia Training Centers (formerly H.J. Aviation). He is also a certified drone pilot, advanced ground instructor (AGI), and lives in Maine.
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